Hi-Fi Audio DAC & Headphone-AMP
AKM's new AK4493 chip, and carefully adjusted it to an unprecedented
0.00017% (-115dB) ; Dynamic range up to 121dB.
The second-generation XMOS solution, PCM supports up to 32bit/768kHz,
and DSD supports up to DSD512.
Low phase noise high precision clock system.
Specially designed low-noise regulated power supplies to provide low-noise
power for analog circuits.
Bluetooth 5.0 digital audio input, support APT-X, external antenna, transmission
distance is farther.
Built-in multiple PCM formats digital filters .
Use a lot of audio grade components.
One-key screen off function.
With pre-amp function, output up to 3Vrms, easily drive active speakers,
and it has DSD pass-through function.
Carefully tuned performance and sound.
High-resolution full-view color IPS display.
Humanized operation with OLED display.
Full-function remote control operation, all functions have memory.
JAS Hi-Res certification.